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Hey, gorgeous.

Are you looking for the 3-day raw food challenge?

The thing is... I stopped creating them because I realized that most people cannot stick to these challenges. So I decided to uncover the REAL reason why this happens.

A study showed that diets actually DO work, but the problem is that less than one in four people can actually stay on the diet. Just think bout how many times have you quit your diet...  

The REAL reason you can't lose weight or stick to a diet is that your subconscious mind is stopping you. 

It sounds wierd, I know! But it's true. No matter how hard you try to lose weight, if you have these subconscious blocks, you will sabotage yourself each and everytime....  


Through years of coaching people I found that there are 5 main weight loss blocks that are literally blocking someone from losing weight.

I created a fun quiz which shows you your #1 block.

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Tiasha Slana | LEGAL